The Databats at Nite Comfort


First discovered in late 2012, The Databats are a computer contaminant, sound source and image generator frequently classified as a "band". Most commonly observed around Torontonians rasiqra/revulva (vocals, synths) and wrrrtika (synths, vocals, guitar), The Databats often manifest as glitch-laden industrial, trip-hop, and drone music.

Live appearances from The Databats involve a blend of performance with analog and digital synthesizers, drum machines, samples, performance poetry and live vocals with real time effects; as well as video projections and/or other visual art integration.

Significant, documented outbreaks of this digitally spread phenomena include "databats.exe"(2013); "http://"(2014); "endothermic static: hibernation suite"(2015); "chiropteratronic" (2015); and "before the dawn/night day"(2016).

Experts anticipate another large outbreak this fall, with evidence of something called "of Water" on the horizon. Details will be made available once they are confirmed.

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